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Paul Legler, Author
Paul Legler, Author ®
"Readers might turn the pages of Half the Terrible Things as rapidly as they would a thriller, but long after the last page is turned, its warring themes of human depravity and loving devotion will linger. Paul Legler has written a book not only unique but necessary and brave."  Larry Watson, author of Montana,1948

"In Half the Terrible Things, Paul Legler achieves a painfully beautiful interweaving of documented and reimagined history with a contemporary story of love, determination, and courage."  Mary Clearman Blew, author of Ruby Dreams of Janis Joplin and Sweep Out the Ashes.

Look for Paul's new novel, Half the Terrible Things, scheduled for release November 15, 2020.
“It’s not easy to write a book that spans nigh a hundred years and generations of people and be as convincing in one epoch as the next, but that’s exactly what Paul Legler’s managed to do. What’s more, he’s written a story that’s as beautiful as it is barbarous, which is also damn impressive. He’s accomplished all this in assured prose and gorgeous storytelling. What a pleasure to get all this in one tight novel.”  Peter Geye, author of Northernmost 
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