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"In SONG OF DESTINY, Paul Legler vividly captures the harshness and beauty of the Great Plains and of the lives of two brothers shaped by it. "  – James Corcoran, author of Bitter Harvest

"Paul Legler’s SONG OF DESTINY is a wise knitting of a stoic family’s troubling disintegration and penitent redemption in the starkest of places and darkest of times. Revealed with a compassionate eye and generous hand, Legler’s prose will guide you through the coldest of Dakota snows."  – Nicole Helget, author of Stillwater and The Turtle Catcher 

Paul Legler is the author of SONG OF DESTINY, a critically acclaimed first novel.  He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he works as a writer and  public policy consultant.  He is busy working on his second novel.  

SONG OF DESTINY is a novel about the intersecting lives of two brothers growing up on a ranch in the Dakotas. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll have reached their small town on the plains and they are caught up in the midst of it. The older brother comes home from war damaged by his experience and lives a wild and destructive life. The younger brother is launched on his own quixotic journey that eventually leads him to life in a monastery. Both brothers struggle with the guilt of the past while searching for peace and redemption.
FROM THE BACK COVER:  Jake was the ultimate big brother: cool, suave with the girls, tough, and a Vietnam veteran.  Peter, the younger brother, was always the "good kid," eventually becoming a monk at St. John's Abbey.  But they came of age at a time when sex, drugs, and rock & roll blasted onto the prairie.  Thirty years later, neither brother can escape his past.
Current author's photos by Nancy Vang and Kham Lee Vang.
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